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Ricoma Single Head Embroidery Machine

Updated: Jul 18

Ricoma wide range of embroidery machine series is suitable for blouse, saree, kurtis embroidery work including all type of readymade garment products.

ricoma single head embroidery machine is suitable for all type of embroidery work on various type of garment products like blouse, saree, kurtis etc. these machine are best for small scale industry and for boutique business.

Why these embroidery machine's are best for production ??

these ricoma single head embroidery machine give you best output because at production on high speed these machine's are stable so the stitch quality and finishing is much better. These machine are very known and popular for boutique business and specially in for house hold business those are working from home.

PV Series has 540 x 360mm frame size for small garment and optional frame also available 1200 x 360mm for large fabrics.

SWD Series has 800 x 500mm and 1200 x 500mm extra large frame is suitable for blouse embroidery work, saree embroidery, kurtis embroidery, etc. and very popular in South India for running or operating boutique business.

MT Series is one of the finest model of ricoma, which has 540 x 360mm for all type of readymade garment products. This machine is also compatible for rexene made products like bags, seat covers, etc. Optional Extra large frame 1200 x 360mm is best for length fabric.

Why people choose ricoma embroidery machine's for his business ??

Ricoma embroidery machine is very famous embroidery machine's in India and other country too, that is all because of ricoma always focus on innovation and build technology on affordable cost so people can easily purchase ricoma embroidery machine for his/her business.

Since 2018 Vardhmaan Automation supplied ricoma embroidery machine in many parts of India for factory production, house hold entrepanur and for boutique business which is very famous in India. The embroidery machine are running well and given a execllent performance with very less maintainence which is most important part for a embroidery machine.

ricoma SWD-1501-8S commercial embroidery machine is suitable for all type of embroidery on various garment products.

Ricoma company always THINK BEYOND & do BEYOND the Expectation for each and every customer satisfaction with a simple commitment. For more information can be visit and contact us for ricoma embroidery machine purchase.

For purchase please whatsapp or call on +91-9711188817


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