Huajian SX-100 Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine
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Mattress Tape Edge Machine

vardhmaan automation a reliable supplier of tape edge machine in New Delhi.


we are proud to supplying leading-edge mattress tape edge machines that are designed to make your workflow more efficient and effective. Our machines come equipped with a moving head that ensures seamless stitching of mattresses made from PU-Foam, Rebonded Foam, EPE Foam, Memory Foam, Euro Top, Spring Mattress, and more. We also provide automatic table adjustment and adjustable speed settings to ensure high-quality mattresses. With our machines, you can expect the highest quality of results every time.


  • Table Size: 55 x 75inch | 60 x 78inch | 72 x 72inch | 72 x 78inch (Can be customised table size)

  • Machine Type: Semi Automatic | Automatic 

  • Head Type: Bobbin GC-2605 | Typical 300U || CTEC 300UB5

  • Mattress Range: 50 - 400mm

  • Table Adjustment: Automatic

  • Speed Control: AC Drive

  • Corner Slow Down: Yes

  • Head Adjustment Range: Up to 45 degree

  • Power: 220VAC | 50/60Hz | Single Phase

  • Weight: 500 - 700kg

  • Origin: Indian Product

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