Huajian SX-100 Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine
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Vardhmaan Automation is the leader in multi-head flat bed embroidery machines and supplies. Our machines provide the perfect combination of speed, precision, and reliability to give you the best results. Our Ricoma multi-head embroidery machines are perfect for length fabrics such as sarees and gowns, and we also have machines for smaller items like caps and bags.


  • Models:FHT/FHP/FHS Series

  • No. of Heads:Available up to 30heads

  • Cap Embroidery Area:270° / 215°

  • Needles:6/9/12/15

Optional Device- 

Cording Device
Sequins Device
Boring Needle


  • Servo motor for main axis movement

  • Servo motors for X and Y axis movements

  • Intelligent thread break detection

  • Double cam and double driver system

  • Trimming with stepping motor

  • AC motor for color change

  • Motor-controlled jump stitch

  • Upper thread holding system

  • Integrated AC motor hooking system

  • Heavy duty linear guide rail for X and Y axis drives

  • Reinforced frame guide rail

  • Heavy duty frame bearing

  • No-contact inductive lever switch

  • Thread break detection

  • Automatic and manual color change

  • Design display and preview

  • Forward and rewind designs at high and low speeds

  • Automatic trimming

  • Rotate, resize, edit and multiply designs

  • Edit design density and compensation directly on screen

  • Design tracing helps ensure your needle does not hit the hoop

  • Return to the start point or end point

  • Multiple languages available

  • Preset hoops set hoop boundaries for perfect centering

Ricoma SWD-1501-8S Commercial Embroidery Machine
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