Huajian SX-100 Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine
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  • Zigzag Spring Forming Machine, easy and convenient operation, stable performance, high efficiency. High quality Zig Zag Spring forming Machine is applied to expertly produce kinds of snake springs fully automatically. No need people to watch over it. It is combined winding device to wind S-Shape springs into coils fully automatically.

Technical Details-

  • Production capacity: 200peak/min

  • Applicable for steel wire: φ2.5-4mm

  • Spring pitch: 25 - 51mm

  • Spring height: 20 - 80mm

  • Working character: continuousaly

  • Main Drive Power: 2.3kw

  • Rated Power: 380VAC, 3Phase

  • Weight: 1100kg

Zigzag Spring Sample - 

Zigzag Spring Sample
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