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Ricoma PV-1501 Commercial Embroidery Machine

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Ricoma PV Series Embroidery machine is best for new startup business for cap and readymade garment products like jacket, hudies, jeans bags, etc.

Ricoma embroidery machine for embroidery on cap and readymade garment products.

Ricoma PV-1501 commercial embroidery machine is designed for all type of readymade garment products, there is also two different frame size 540 x 360mm and 1200 x 360mm which is suitable for boutique business for blouse embroidery work.

7inch touch panel, preset hoops setting, advance thread break device, auto thread trimming system is a time saving features and save your working cost too and minimise your expense.

Ricoma PV-1501 Commercial Embroidery Machine is a customised model of ricoma for those who unable to invest big amount in a startup business and wants to invest small amount in startup business to become a entrepreneur.


For purchase please whatsapp or call on +91-9711188817


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