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Computerised multi needle quilting machine

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

computerised multi needle quilting machine is suitable for garment quilting and mattress quilting up to 25mm thick material, combination of fibre, cotton, sponge foam.

computerised multi needle shuttle quilting machine for garment quilting and mattress quilting.

This computerised multi needle quilting machine is specially design for home furnishing and textile products like making quilts, jacket, quilting, mattress covers, etc. and many more products can be discovered on this quilting machine.

This is fully computerised quilting machine for making 180 degree and 360 degree quilting design and also can be upload your customised design for the same. This quilting machine is equipped with most advance feature to create unique quilting patterns for your choice.

multi needle quilting machine supplier in new delhi

This quilting machine have 3needle bar option to make 12inch design for quilts and mattress covers, with 550rpm speed option. X & Y driven on the advance micro controlled servo motors which provides you the best result to make unique and finish products of goods on this quilting machine. Most Important part of this machine quilting machine the thickness cam allow you to use up to 25mm thick material for mattress covers and comforters.


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