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Automatic Tape Edge Machine

Updated: Jul 18

Suitable for making various type of mattress like Euro top mattress, spring mattress, memory foam mattress, This machine is mostly use for making high range mattresses.

tape edge machine is suitable for making various type of mattress.

why this machine is good for stitch thick material ??

Looper Automatic tape edge machine sewing head is specialised to stitch thick material up to 50mm material. Pressure foot is specially designed for thick and hard material like sponge foam, memory foam, rexene material, etc. Stitch length of the pressure foot is adjustable according to the material thickness.

Features of this Looper Tape Edge Machine

moving around the table, CTEC sewing head is connected to the induction motor directly through belt for stitching the mattress. Sewing head adjust automatic by the reverse-forward switch up to 45 degree, table adjustment is automatic by the push buttons uo to 400mm to make heavy quality mattress. Adjustable speed by VFD controlled device and the speed is also adjustable for stitching the mattress, automatic corner slow down by limit stitch connected to the VFD. overall given to you high quality stitch for making high range mattress on this tape edge machine.

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