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Mattress Tape Edge Machine

vardhmaan automation a reliable supplier of tape edge machine in New Delhi.


  • Tape edge machine, head is moving around the table for stitching the mattress like PU-Foam, Rebonded Foam, EPE Foam, Memory Foam, Euro Top, Spring Mattress, Etc. Automatic table adjustment by pressing electric push button, AC drive to adjusting the working speed and auto corner slow down for making high quality mattresses.


  • Table Size: 55 x 75inch | 60 x 78inch | 72 x 72inch | 72 x 78inch (Can be customised table size)

  • Machine Type: Semi Automatic | Automatic 

  • Head Type: Bobbin GC-2605 | Typical 300U || CTEC 300UB5

  • Mattress Range: 50 - 400mm

  • Table Adjustment: Automatic

  • Speed Control: AC Drive

  • Corner Slow Down: Yes

  • Head Adjustment Range: Up to 45 degree

  • Power: 220VAC | 50/60Hz | Single Phase

  • Weight: 500 - 700kg

  • Origin: Indian Product

Tape Edge Machine Video's- 

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