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Ricoma SWD-1501-8S Commercial Embroidery Machine

Updated: Jul 20

This SWD Series embroidery machine is suitable for blouse, saree, kurtis, etc with EW Table 800 x 500mm and 1200 x 500mm extra large frame with 12/15 color.

SWD Series embroidery machine is suitable for embroidery on various products like readymade garments, blouse, saree, kurtis etc.

What is the features of this SWD-1501-8S embroidery machine ??

This machine has many different size of frame option for using different type and sizes of readymade garments, cap, extra large table for length fabric like blouse, saree, kurtis, etc. This machine can do embroidery like very complicated designs for various type of garments, photo embroidery and many more designs with auto thread trimming system to save embroidery work time. 20 million stitch can be store in this machine, stable X & Y Axis work for making qaulity stitch and design.

This photo embroidery or image embroidery is made with SWD-1501-8S embroidery machine on high speed 1000rpm, high quality stitch and clear & perfect design by ricoma embroidery machine on 800 x 500mm extra large frame, this work only can be done on ricoma embroidery machine.

Our ricoma embroidery machine is give 100% stitch quality and a perfect design as you have required. For purchase please contact us on below links -

YouTube Link-

For purchase please whatsapp or call on +91-9711188817


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