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Ricoma CHT2 Series Multi Head Embroidery Machine

Ricoma CHT2 Series Multi Head Embroidery Machine for all type of readymade garment products like t-shirt, jeans, denim, jacket, etc. and also specialised for cap for making 3D puff embroidery.

Ricoma CHT2 Series embroidery machine is specialised for making embroidery on cap and all type of readymade garment products.

This ricoma CHT2 series multi head embroidery machine is specially designed for making high quality products, 10.4inch HD touch panel with 40million stitch storage capacity, 1000spm working speed, preset hoops option for garment frames setting, various type of font selection for lettering embroidery make this machine more unique for easy work.

This CHT2 multi head embroidery machine have double belt support for making quality stitch on high speed, X & Y axis is moving on micro step servo motor, which gives you stable and excellent output production for making high quality garment products.

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