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Bobbin Tape Edge Machine

Updated: Jul 18

Bobbin Tape edge machine, head is moving around the table for stitching the mattress like PU-Foam, Rebounded Foam, EPE Foam, Memory Foam, Euro Top, Spring Mattress, Etc. Automatic table adjustment by pressing electric push button, AC drive to adjusting the working speed and auto corner slow down for making high quality mattresses.

tape edge machine is suitable for making all range of mattress like pu foam, epe foam, rebonded foam, spring mattress, euro top mattress etc.

Why this tape edge machine is best for making mattress-

Head & table can be adjust according to the mattress height, adjustable speed for your convenient, automatic corner slow down when machine reach at the mattress corner and this option provide you to more finishing in your mattress. (Click on this youtube link)

Features of this Tape Edge Machine-

  1. Table adjustable range is 50 - 400mm.

  2. Limit switch protection while adjusting the table.

  3. Head adjustable range up to 45 degree.

  4. Limit switch protection while adjusting the table.

  5. workable speed range 200 - 1100rpm.

  6. Jumbo type bobbin use to increase feeding capacity of bottom thread.

  7. adjustable stitch length for customer choice.

  8. foot press stop option while running/work on machine.

This bobbin tape edge machine is known product for making mattress and any where can put this machine and start the production. For more details and purchase please on this website-,

YouTube Link-

For purchase please whatsapp or call on +91-9711188817


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